Portland Artist Stephan Alexandr’s exhibition, MAKE IT HOME, will be held at The Gallery Zero, opening November 1st, 2013 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

As Alexandr moves from Portland to Los Angeles, his work explores the concept at home what makes us feel at home, who makes us feel at home, and where home really is.

While the show includes Alexandr’s signature skull mounts and original paintings, it also debuts his new furniture, lighting, and decor pieces in a home-like setting. This nostalgic installation even includes some of Alexandr’s personal items, such as old photos, gifts, and objects that he’s found and collected, all of which have inspired him over the past decades in Portland.

So come. Sit. Make it home. Stay a while. from November 1st through November 30th
Opening Reception November 1st from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

Saturday October 5th The Gallery Zero will be celebrating a five year anniversary featuring the works of Caroline Green and Scott Hagel.

Caroline's dark imagery with its dramatic visual intent will be a large consistent presentation from this profound young artist. It is a VERY EFFECTIVE visual experience. She will be joined by Scott Hagel's mechanical, dark, crafted imagery... he does it with a subtle intent and a gifted craft, a seriously gifted artist. Joining these two artists will be the sculptor Chris Truax whose large scale mechanical marvels will be throughout the GZ.

The GZ continues to show new art that is always of worldly quality.

We look forward to our celebration with another visual art experience like no other from these three very gifted artists..

The 5 year anniversary show runs from Oct 5th till Oct 30th
Opening Reception October 5th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero Presents Sepsis 21, featuring controversial political, social, and environmental art. The show opens September 7th at 6 pm till 10 pm then runs through September 28th.

Sepsis 21, is made up of an extraordinary group of artists from Oregon, California, Ohio, Tennessee and Italy who specialize in radical, controversial and political works of art. This collective body of works show each artist’s excellence in craft and design paired to present a passionate message to the viewer.

The sculptural work of Jud Turner, Matthew Dutton, Aaron Molinsky, and John Bills will make a gallery debut along with the graphic illustration of Autumn Steam, Sam Dantone, J Slattum, Skam, Juan Anguiano, Stefano Cardoselli, Nicolas Columbo, Taylor Blackwell, and Ron Berg with the graphic design of Demecio Sierra and the photography of Dark Chrystal.

Sepsis 21 promises to be another epic visual art experience. .

This show runs from September 7th to September 28th.
Opening Reception September 7th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero Presents The July Show featuring Ari Grey, Freshghost and Caroline Green. The show opens July 6th at 6 pm till 10 pm then runs through July 30th..

The show will consist of a 10 ft by 32 ft installation from Ari Grey in what will be a off the wall presentation from floor to ceiling. Freshghost will be making his first installation creating multiple images that will be connected in an 8 ft by 16 ft presentation of graphic abstract designs with an optical effect of precision and design. Caroline Green will be making her debut creating a 6 ft by 16 ft presentation of extremely dark surreal imagery.

The show will be unlike anything ever presented at The GZ with a extreme presence of artistic design and craft in the one and only setting of The GZ.

We once again strive to set our own standard with what promises to be another EPIC visual art experience.

This show runs from July 6th to July 30th
Opening Reception July 6th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

September first The Gallery Zero will be presenting a large scale crafted visual point of view from 3 very gifted woman artists. Lavonne Russel will be making her initial visit with a 7 ft by 13 ft iconic image detailing her realism and painterly qualities that promises to elicit immediate response. Maya Britan will be showcasing what always is just quite simply one of the most profound artists that exists in the Northwest. Joni Yates will be presenting a revisit of one of the best presentations we have ever done.

The GZ is all about exciting decor that changes the ambiance of a room.

No other gallery like ours... FACT.

Elegance, craft and point of view. Always SPECIAL.

This show runs from June 1st to June 30th
Opening Reception June 1st from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero presents another mega visual experience with a graphic spectacular from three very profound image makers. Peach Momoko, Damian Zari and Taylor Blackwell will be creating a vividly elegant mix of diverse graphic styles, a sensory overloading of craft and size on the famous red walls of The Gallery Zero.

The show will once again be done exclusively for The Gallery Zero.

The GZ is the venue that will fully electrify this ART.

The show promises to be  SPECTACULAR!!

This show runs from May 4th to May 26th
Opening Reception May 4th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

THE GALLERY ZERO WILL BE PRESENTING A RARE SOLO SHOW FROM MAYA BRITAN IN APRIL. The show will be filled with a consistent point of view aesthetically as well as conceptually from an artist that we believe to be one of the most exciting artists that exist today. The craft and effect will be of a profound nature from a truly understanding artist of taste and abilities. Maya's work seeks perfection and delivers at an incredibly high level. The RED walls will be taken up in their entirety with an elegant and profound point of view from this exceptional artist. WE are proud to make this presentation and show once again why THE GALLERY ZERO stands singular in its AESTHETIC point of view..




This show runs from April 5th to April 27th
Opening Reception April 6th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero presents "Wrench-O-Rama", a hand-built motorcycle and art show.  The GZ will feature large-scale artwork by Chris Price, Maya Britan, Ben Perkins, Damian Zari, Caitlyn Abdow, and Scott Butzer, as well as a stunning collection of custom motorcycles by Joe Cooper (Cooper Smithing Co.), Jeremy Loerch (Monkey Wrench Fabrication), Rob Addison (Portland Cretins), Seth Summers (Frankenstein Fabrication), Dave Buchanan (Raindogs), Josh Ramp (Ramp Studios), Isaac Davis, Tony Morgan (Gunbaby Graphics), Billy Davis (Hell Mutts), and Sean Hayes (MotoFactory).

We will also be featuring a display of amazing custom painted and lined helmets by Hell Mutts.

Rock N' Roll!  Motorcycles!  Big art!

Good times!

This show runs from March 2nd to March 30th
Opening Reception March 2nd from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero Presents Joni Yates and Damian Zari in a incredible showing of two of the best image makers around. The gallery will be be filled with a mostly black and white effect creating a powerful visual experience which the gallery is known for.

These are two very profound aesthetic artists with serious craft and intent.

This show promises to be another singular visual experience...IT ALWAYS IS!!

Please join us for what will be a very effective, crafted AESTHETIC  EXPERIENCE.

This show runs from January 5th to January 26th
Opening Reception January 5th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214

The Gallery Zero Presents THE NOVEMBER SHOW. Another presentation where art and gallery emerge to create a SIGNIFICANT viewing experience. We will continue the high definition point of view with as always some of the best image makers around.

If you have not visited THE GZ you should...  always a unique, quality presentation of art..

The NOVEMBER SHOW will be featuring the following artists:

Maya Britan, Jae Burlingame, Hampton Rodriguez, Sam Dantone, Gris Grimly and Brandon Ragnar Johnson in another SINGULAR NEW ART EXPERIENCE.

This show runs from November 3rd to November 30th
Opening Reception November 3rd from 6:00 PM  to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th  Ave
Portland Or  97214

The Gallery Zero presents its four year anniversary celebration Saturday Oct 6 from 6 pm till 10 pm. Four years of continued transcendence featuring some of the best image makers in the Pacific Northwest.

The wow factor, which is always evident upon entrance to our space, once again makes its presence known.

The October celebration will include the following image makers doing what they do best creating immediate impact with the viewer:

Sam Dantone, Maya Britan, Tony Morgan, Damian Zari and Ben Perkins. These artists will fill our gallery with craft, elegance and attutude. Simply put there is no space like THE GALLERY ZERO.

This show runs from October 6th to October 27th
Opening Reception October 6th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214


The Gallery Zero Presents The September Show an elegant view of faces and portraits connected in a way that will have an immediate impact .The show opens Saturday September 1st .The show will be featuring 16 foot presentations on five walls from a very eclectic group of profound image makers.

The September show will STARRING the following artists in what will be a singular aesthetic point of view once again, Alison Newey, Maya Britan (featured on invite)Kelly Anderson, Joey Maas and Damian Zari will join forces for this epic event


This show runs from September 1st to September 29th
Opening Reception September 1st from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

936 SE 34th Ave
Portland Or 97214


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